My mom had sex with my best friends

June 3, 2021
My mom had sex with my best friends

I always had a problem with my mom.

My mom had sex with my best friends.

Don’t get me wrong, I love her more than anyone, she is nice to me and she is a better parent. The problem is that she is very beautiful. It probably sounds weird, why would I have a problem with my mom if she’s beautiful?

Well, the exaggerated attention he receives, the compliments he receives and especially the advances that are made make me feel uncomfortable.

Walking on the street with her is a torment, men get better at it, a whistle and I love pigs.

It happened several times to be tapped on her breasts or to get her hands clenched, most often on the bus. Was trying to disregard such behaviours was used to it, but that kept me from jumping.

I could not bear to see her disgraced, it seemed to me that she deserved to be properly loved by a respectful man, not subjected to such humiliation, but after the divorce, she no longer had long and serious relationships and was satisfied for the time being to take care of her. me.

My mother was a 40-year-old brunette, with beautiful hair, bright green eyes and a warm look. She had beautiful lips, she was wearing red lipstick, the men who came to her and were older people said she had “sucking dick lips”.

Her breasts were perfect, round and large, she was jumping a little as she walked, as much as the men on the street, and her ass was very sexy, it was mesmerizing to walk behind her. He always wore low-cut tops and skirts when he was warm, and when he was colder he took his blouses or sweaters and tight jeans.

Her legs were gorgeous too, especially when she took her heels. I liked to see her dress beautifully and tastefully, she never exceeded measure and did not look like a whore, but in her body almost every outfit attracted all eyes. My friends were always pissing me off with these things, as if I wasn’t thinking about it enough.

Well, how good is your mother! said Cosmin, seeing her approaching us. He was returning from work.
“The whole neighborhood would fuck her, I’d die if I didn’t want to have a mother like her,” Dragoș said.
Finish me. You don’t talk about it anymore.

Hi guys, what are you doing? she asked with the most beautiful smile. He was wearing a t-shirt with his neckline, his delicious breasts showing, and a jeans jacket over his shirt. He had a fluffy skirt, just over his knees and heels.
“Okay, Irina, walking around the neighborhood,” Cosmin said. Everyone said to her mother Irina, she was very friendly, she told me I could tell her so, but I preferred my mother.
Bring them later with us to give them some cake. Good mother, we will come.

When it passed by us, we all looked at her bulging ass that let your mouth water. When they saw that I was watching, the two started grinning. I was ashamed, but I had to admit that my mom was very sexy. Cosmin was my age, but he looked much older. He looked like a man with a full beard, big hands. He was also very talkative and sociable.

Dragoș, on the other hand, was smaller in stature, he was even more shy, not when he was with us, and every time he saw his mother he blushed. They both told me to masturbate at the thought of it, and it seemed disgusting, but I understood.

I often came to do this, but I felt too guilty. However, when asked, I recognized that she is the most beautiful woman I know, more beautiful than any girl my age.
We went to my room and sat in the kitchen, waiting for my mom to put our cakes on the plate. The two devoured her with their eyes, she had changed into tight pants and a high-necked shirt with her nipples still visible. He was behind us and slightly bent over the counter.

“I want to tell you that you are a very beautiful woman,” Cosmin said with a keen look.
Woe to me, thank you very much. Andrei is a little upset that people are making advances to me in public.
Well, it’s normal for mom to do that guy at the supermarket yesterday?
But I knew them, Andrei.
Doesn’t it matter, how does this come to you and start pissing you off?
Andrei is so cute, he always protects me.
What happened, they asked?
It happened that my mom and I were in the store, I was holding the basket and my mom was looking at the shelves after something. He was wearing a green open jacket, a black T-shirt with a low neckline and dark blue tight jeans. He had some ballerinas standing.

She was very beautiful, I think that day I complimented her ten times. Suddenly a man appears and greets her. Mom was happy to see him, they knew each other a lot, they were high school colleagues I think.

They began to talk, to recall memories, and after a while the guy took his mother’s hands and said:
God, I can’t believe it, you were just as good. Don’t you want to meet us sometime?
Maybe, it depends on how long I have.
Come on Irina, you know I wrote to you on Facebook that I want to fuck.
I stayed in the mask, in front of me and he talks to her like that. After saying this he took her in his arms and put a hand on his ass.

He began to squeeze her and kiss her on the lips. My mother was a little surprised, but she didn’t give back.

I separated them immediately, though I was a little excited.

The guy apologized and left, and I was arguing with my mom.
How to let yourself be so easy? What’s with you? I screamed.
But he was not a stranger to Andrei, I know him for a long time.
But in front of me?
I’m sorry, baby. I got a little swollen.
She hugged me and kissed me on the cheek, then put my head on her breasts.

It was the most beautiful thing.
I immediately calmed down in her arms.
It’s nothing mommy, it’s just that I don’t like seeing you with men like that. Sorry I screamed like that.
Leave it dear, Mommy loves you.
Cosmin and Dragoș had listened intently. He had excited her story.
“I would have done the same,” said Dragos.
“Well, it’s a son’s duty to defend his mother,” she said.
But still, Irina, she says you didn’t like her. I’m sure you’re a little neglected and you need something like that, ”Cosmin said boldly.
My mother laughed.
Yes Cosmin, you’re right.

And what sexy body you have, I’m not surprised that men do this to you always.
Shut me up! I said.
Thanks Cosmin, you’re an expensive one.
So many compliments from a man like you, she said in a rather seductive tone.
What do you mean mom?
Do you like me Irina?
You’re so mature, I can’t believe how much you grew up. Like yesterday …
He was not about to finish, for Cosmin reached out of his chair, put his hand on her ass and began to comfort her. She shivered and escaped one of the dishes she was washing.
Irina, you’re so good. Do you enjoy touching men on your ass?
Wait Cosmin, I didn’t mean it that way.
I’m right about that asshole. You are such a bomb …
And he was clutching it too. Then she got up and stood behind her. She patted both hands on her buttocks.
“You are so good that I would fuck you here with your son,” he said in a low tone, his thick male voice mature. I was stuck.
Cosmin, please, no …
But the mother was moaning, she could see that she wanted him too.
His hands had gone up her tits, now she was clutching her breasts in his big hands. She had her hair down, rubbed her ass and slid it between her nipples. Dragoș was red and sweaty, he couldn’t rub his pants anymore and he was at his dick.
Fuck it Cosmin!
“Cosmin, finish,” I said with a half voice, because I was too excited. Cosmin didn’t hear anyway, kissing her mother’s throat.
Do you feel my dick, do you feel how strong it is? Don’t you want it in you?
Mom suddenly turned and began to kiss him. With the pulp of his foot he rubbed it to his dick, while he clutched it tightly. He was like a man in the heat, gasping and sweating. The mother’s fine hands were held behind his wide back. They were disguised for about 5 minutes,

Cosmin was comforting her and at the table, which made her mother wet. Dragoș was a dick outside, he was getting his paw. I had a wood dick, my erection was sore, but I kept it in my pants.
Irina, let’s have sex!
Cosmin …
Mom leaned down and pulled down. It was in the hollow tits, the most beautiful tits I have ever seen. He pulled his pants and panties down and his eyes widened. She was gigantic.
God, how big!
Do you like it, do you want to suck it up?
Andrei, are you leaving me?
Come on, let her feel good. You like it too, don’t you see what tool you have? said Dragoș, who was getting tired.
Come on Andrei, let your mom fuck with me, we just know each other, it’s not like you hand it to a stranger. You said it was worth a man to slander.
Mommy …
My mother was looking at me prayerfully, I couldn’t resist those beautiful eyes, in which the desire was visible.
Please Andrei, want to suck it up. You can take it out and give it a go. know you find me attractive.
was staring at her tits, her “dick sucking lips”. took it off myself. It wasn’t quite Cosmin’s, but it was concrete.
Yes mommy, you are the most beautiful woman in the world. I let you do what you want.
Good, thank you Andrei. You will not regret it. Did you hear Cosmin?
Cosmin’s big, beautiful cock was already sucking a little sperm, it was shaking in her mother’s hand.
Come on Irina, take it in your mouth!
My mother had started sucking. She knew it, her full lips taking the dick and devouring it, caressing her thighs with one hand, spitting on it, then sucking it again. With her beautiful eyes she looked at him, he stroked her hair and pushed her down her throat from time to time.
You like it, bitch, don’t you? I think you suck dick at work that you can’t.
Yes, but yours is the biggest I’ve ever seen.
He kissed her head, then licked her and had a great time when he heard her moan of pleasure. His thick voice made a bear-like sound. Dragoș had sperm all over the table, but the erection had not passed. He was limping again.
Ever since I first saw you, I wanted to eat it all.
When? he asked puzzled.
When you slept with us once, you came out of your apron in the morning and slept awake. He left my mouth water, if it wasn’t Andrei in the room I would have sucked it then.
Oh Irina, if I had known. Let me put it between those soft tits.
Mom was holding on to them, and Cosmin put her dick in and began rubbing it. His huge dick was matching her big tits. After that, Cosmin raised her with his strong, muscular arms, and placed her on the table, in Dragoș’s sperm.
Do you like sperm?
Yeah, are you going to fuck me?
Yes Irina, if you knew how much I dreamed of it.
Irina, can I get your tits on you too? Dragoș asked.
Yeah chicken, give me that dick and taste it.
Dragoș sat down on the table and put his dick in his mother’s mouth as Cosmin pulled down his leotard pants and panties.
Hmm, what good taste does your sperm have, Dragos, you think you’ll give me more. I want to taste it all and swallow it.
Yes Irina, I give it all to you, and he took his head in his hands and began to flirt with the ruthless.
Cosmin had licked her a little at her cunt and was getting ready to fuck her.
What a good taste this wet cunt has. Are you ready to get fucked?
Yes Cosmin, fuck me. Andrei, are you leaving him?
I was kicking myself and I felt like exploding. My mother was like a porn actress at work.
Yes Mom, I want to see you fucked. That’s how good you are.
Andrei, dear, how glad I am.
Cosmin, I want you to be good at everything.
Yes, brother, how not.
Cosmin put her hair in her mother’s thigh. This scream of joy. With his big dick he began to pump harder and deeper. He also licked his tits and held them in his hands.
Alas Cosmin, you have muscles, what a big and strong cock you have. Fuck me! YES! YES!!!
Mom was orgasm after orgasm. He threw jets into the air and then Cosmin slapped her again. It could be heard how all my mother’s fluid was flowing on the kitchen floor. Dragoș could not.
Irina, I’m letting your mouth go.
He had filled it with sperm in his mouth, he was still out. My mother swallowed it hard.
Miam, how good it is. Thanks Dragos, you’re a sweetie.
Cosmin got on the table, picked up his mother and put a goat.
Stay goat fucking whore!
My mother looked beastly, her ass up and her tits hanging. Cosmin started to fuck her harder, banging his waist and buttocks struck him. His dick was like steel, it was destroying his mom’s cunt.
Andrei darling, do you want to let go? You can tell mommy, I don’t wanna stay away.
Yes mommy, I can’t. You’re so good. I’ll show you, can I?
Sure, come on. Fill me with sperm. Look what a nice dick you have. Almost as much as Cosmin’s.

  • Got up on the table and grabbed her hair.
  • Put her in her mouth a little and began to tremble with pleasure.
  • Took it out and started rubbing it quickly.
  • Felt like he was going to shoot the biggest jet i ever had.

Come on mommy …
Andrei, give mommy a sperm!
Yes, I give you.
I went jet after jet, painted it all over my face. She was beautiful with cum on her face, it excites me the most. Mom smiled and moaned from fuck-run Cosmin. His massive skirts fluttered in contact with her flesh. His dick completely satisfied her.

Andrei, how sperm. And I thought Dragoș was very sperm. You guys, how much man you have in you.
My dick didn’t soften at all. I felt I could ejaculate once more.
Do you want mommy, do I have any more?
I can not believe. Honey, do you really like mommy so much?
Yes mommy, especially when I see you fucked by my friends. Do you like how you fuck Cosmin?
Yes, it’s so strong.
Cosmin began to clap his ass, his trembles trembling and flushing. Then he stretched himself on the table with his cock up and motioned for him to sit on his pillar.
I love you, Irina. Beautiful whore you are. Climb up.
And I love you Cosmin, I want you to kiss me every evening from now on.
I’ll fuck you non-stop.
Mom got on his dick. He’d gone deeper into her than he had ever heard before, he’d heard the whole block. I was next to them, with the dick in my mother’s mouth, who was lusting after me like a lioness. I was ready to ejaculate again. Hold on to my mom’s tits, let me go.
Come on kid, give me tits. Give your mum his sperm.
MOM !!!
And I started painting them with big jets and tits, my mother was looking at me like a good girl and she was smiling. Cosmin a fucked a break. I started sucking her tits like a baby. It had excited me to see them full of sperm.
We gathered sperm in her mouth and spit it on her face. He liked it wonderfully. Then he approached Cosmin, began to tease his muscles. They kissed passionately.
You love to fuck me with that beautiful dick.
Yeah, I’m not tired of your cunt anymore. I’m going inside, because I can’t.
Yeah, you wanna blow your ass in me?
It excites me to hear them speak that way.
I love you Irina, I’ll fill you up.
Yes love, let go!
They fell in love like two lovers. Cosmin was trembling, it was like a volcano ready to erupt. My mother was stuck with her breasts on her breasts, sperm-smelling. The cum on her face was flowing from his. They licked it from each other and kissed her on the tongue. Then Cosmin broke out.
His jet could be heard hitting the end of her cunt. The poor man had filled her to the brim, running on his big dick and out of her cunt. They were in ecstasy, they were both yelling. The neighbors knocked on our door, disturbed by the noise.
Cosmin, you’re the best man I ever had.
He got up and got off the table. She was full of sperm, her pussy flowing down her leg.
Cosmin also got up and kissed her again, he was a cock like a plum. His mother took his penis and said:
Me, but you don’t get tired?
“With a kindness like you, ever,” he said.
Have to shower Cosmin.
Come with you. I wasn’t tired.
Wow, what a man. Andrei, how did you feel?
Mommy, you’re so sexy with that cum on you.
“Irina, want to fuck you sometime,” Dragoș said.
If Cosmin leaves you. You don’t see me not letting go.
You’re mine, Irina.
Come to the shower love.
The two had left, after a few minutes they heard shouts from the bathroom. They fucked again, Cosmin dismantled her. Dragoș had left and I was left to clean up the mess in the kitchen.
Mom had found her perfect man was so happy with Cosmin’s dick in her.
That night have not stopped fucking. From the mother’s room came only screams, clapping sounds and bed bugs. In the morning, I found them in the kitchen, naked gun. My mother was in Cosmin’s lap, his dick coming out of her flesh.
Did you have fun last night?
Andrei, your mother is bestial. I think I’ll move here with you, fuck her non-stop.
Yes, I want him close.
I’m happy for you. I think you will make me the most incendiary shows.
When Cosmin gets saturated, you can run away from me, Andreiuțu’s mother.
Yes mommy, I really want to.
The two had begun to kiss. I ate and looked at them. That’s how Cosmin’s mother became a whore.

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