Sex with mother and daughter 1

June 14, 2021
Mom And Douther

Sex with her mother and 19-year-old daughter

Sex With Mother And Daughter

Sex with mother and daughter

Every time I went to SKY and passed the boarding house, I stopped instead, looking at the building, shivering through my body, remembering that winter morning in 2019. Was it really true?

I was a manager at a courier company and I was in Austria, with my family, skiing, sometimes in the hotel.

I’m meeting Sandra, a 35-year-old divorced colleague. A rather plump woman… but still sexy.

Sandra was accompanied by a 19-year-old girl, red-haired and green-eyed.
A little ugly in face, but tall, and with a wonderful body. Like a model. Long legs and fitted breasts. Sex with mother and daughter.

Voluble, Sandra stops me,

– What are you doing? What a meeting. Look, she’s my daughter, Jasmine. Stepdaughter. He `s 19 years old. What are you doing?
Sandra was remarried to a divorced guy who already had a daughter.

Sex with mother and daughter.

I was staring at the beautiful girl who was barely speaking.

The girl held out a hand, terrified by the beauty of the girl who looked him straight in the eye, her big eyes as if with bold curiosity and somewhat stupid.
She shook his hand, delaying his touch a little. Great shivers ran through him.
Then I said my wife and daughter were leaving for London the next day, but I had three more days left.
Sandra is happy.
– Wow. Well, maybe we’ll see each other, right? We go skiing a bit.
I parted from them, still dazed by the unreal female appearance. I could still feel the girl’s hot fingers touching my palm. God, what beings these nineteen-year-old girls of the new generation
I went skiing with them for two days. The girl skied like a pro, waving her sports body on skis. I looked at her from the sidelines, wondering, guilty, what her naked body looked like?
I could see the girl continually moving her hips beside me, glancing at him long, seemingly curious, and ruffling that curly hair.
It was strange that she always seemed sullen. He wasn’t smiling at all. What about that girl?
Then the blizzard came on Thursday. They couldn’t ski anymore and in addition Jasmine had a muscle fever.

In the morning with the blizzard I was invited by the two of them to their apartment. Let’s have a coffee.
They both occupied a room on the second floor of the boarding house.
Upon entering I saw Jasmine reading in bed. It was stiflingly hot in the room.
Then she shuddered: the girl was covered with a duvet, up to her breasts, but her shoulders were bare and I realized that the girl was probably naked under the sheet. Or in panties?
A girl’s leg, bare, white and long, came out seductively from under the sheet.

A perfect leg that extended with an unreally thin ankle, and a pink heel, so small. Jasmine read and moved her toes lightly.
I sit tensely like a bow on the armchair and converse embarrassedly with Sandra from one to the other. Staring at the girl in the bed. Sandra was wearing a purple dress, and she could see her bare feet on the carpet.

The blizzard roared outside. I was in the woman’s room too. Woman’s barefoot room in the middle of winter. I felt a big wave of heat. How he had never felt before.

Sandra was drinking coffee continuously and I saw the girl on the bed staring at me now more and more without restraint. Strangely, Sandra looked at me the same way.

The air next to the two seemed to become hot and you could feel an enormous erection in me. Was there something there?

Then, amused, Sandra started gossiping about the rumor that she didn’t know which colleague was having sex with a big boss.

To be promoted. In fact, she spoke more and more strangely as her face stared at me nonstop for a long time.

– Oh, darling, but you men are so easy to handle by a more sexual woman… Come on, admit darling as a man… With some caresses, uh, in that area, hm, hm… I’ll do whatever a woman commands you right? Forget about your wife and children and everything? It is?…

I laughed nervously, embarrassed by the girl’s presence.

I got stuck. Sandra chuckled, somewhat annoyed by my embarrassment. She was fidgeting.
– But what, are you embarrassed about my Jasmine? Well, she’s 19, she’s a young lady and she kind of knows what we’re talking about, right? Jasmine, tell me what the gentlemen dream of nonstop?

Jasmine stared at me without embarrassment and snorted softly.
– Oh mom, is it possible? Well… a woman to untie their slit… to caress their cock and empty themselves. Isn’t that what they dream about all the time? Twat. Only this, only this…

What were these words in the mouth of a 19-year-old girl? I drowned in coffee, staring at the two of them, not knowing what to say. Sandra was staring at me now, without giggling.
Both mother and daughter’s eyes had strange glass. And they stared at me greedily.

The air in the small hotel room had really become unbreathable.

Then that unimaginable thing happened: Sandra suddenly did something unreal.
She came slowly to the armchair, knelt on the carpet, looked at me for a few seconds, tensed with dilated eyes, then suddenly put a warm hand on my penis, over my pants. Surprised, I jumped like an electric shock.
Sandra with her hand pressed to his cock then says softly in a trembling voice:
– Forgive me… But it’s a problem… Uh, how can I tell you?… Speaking of man slits… Uh, Jasmine told me these days that she likes you very much…. That you are special… And that she would like… to leave her alone… to untie her slit.

You know it’s raining outside, it’s boring and she also has a dream: a married man more mature and nice… like you. Would you like to do something like that?… The opportunity is… wonderful.
At the hotel, your wife is far away, so is my husband here. By the way, the girl is older…

Suddenly I had the feeling that he was entering hot water. I ruffled everything. The girl on the bed looked indifferently at her mother, who said something like that, and stroked his penis over her pants.
Sandra knew how to shake her pension, and she saw a moan escape from the enormous unexpected pleasure. Sandra then ran her tongue over her lips and sighed. I gasped now under Sandra’s fingers, who were now stirring my panties.
The housewife Sandra knew her job. I try to say something, red as a cancer I try to put Sandra aside but I stammered embarrassingly like a student at the blackboard. He looked at me sometimes at his mother, sometimes at his daughter.
– Sandra… Alas… Aoleu… but what are you doing ?? And sorry, he said we were pigs….
Then the girl in the bed spoke again.
– I’m not the lady’s biological daughter. And I’m a major. Be at peace. And my mother isn’t kidding, I like you. And I really want your dick. Today’s girls are different from the women of your generation raised in the dark.
By the way, pigs are exciting too, sometimes. And I see you like what your mother does with her hand, don’t you? Ăd I see you moan…

Her mother – still clutching the cock that had grown as hard as the wood underneath in her palm – smiled broadly at me with her head bowed mischievously. With the tip of his tongue sticking out. He was panting lightly from now on. She was clearly aroused.

– Come on brother, can you hear what my kitten is saying? Do you want to please a pretty young lady? Go to the bed and untie the slit. She really likes it when the boys take off their panties in front of her, but this, with one of 37, is her biggest dream.
I’d love to see you too. It will be the most beautiful morning of your life.
And don’t you really like to ejaculate in the morning? When is your testosterone at its peak?

Then the morning of the mountain became an unbearably unreal and voluptuous hustle and bustle of sexual pleasure taken in the despair of the two. Sandra quickly brings a towel. The sun had risen outside.
Everything was colorful and sunny. I gasped in inhuman excitement.
Jasmine then stood up on the bed on the pillows and was left with her breasts bare.
She looked at me just as sullen and disgusted.
But showing off her gorgeous breasts with pink erect nipples.
I was totally blocked by that weirdo.
The blood rushed to his head. Did those weird mother and daughter make fun of me ???
Sandra felt hesitant. He kissed me softly on the mouth, and whispered tenderly to me, with the same hand indiscreetly placed on his penis, squatting.
– Yes, why did you get stuck like that?… Please do with her what I said, yes? Yes? ”“ And don’t think about your wife that she won’t know.

And yes, don’t look so I’ll attend too.
The girl is not my relative… And she is an adult… Come on, go to the pretty girl on the bed and do what she wants, that is, take off your panties. Come on,… Jasmine’s not retired, you know. And he knows his job…

Dizzy with what was happening, I was panting hard. Something was bothering me: what if it was all a pheasant staging?
On the bed Jasmine with feline movements pushed down the sheet with her feet… and was left empty-handed. In the gray light of the rainy morning she seemed so naked. Between my long legs I saw her shaved pussy with pink and very thick lips.
Although now he was panting, he was gnawing at me: if everything was a staging in which a little pheasant?

No, it wasn’t a staging. It was real. Jasmine was so completely naked, she lifted a perfectly bare leg and began to caress her clitoris with her fingers. Looking at me, naked Jasmine was now masturbating, always giving that sullen expression. Only his breathing had become stronger. Mild breathing:
– See what I’m doing? See what I’m doing? So you’re coming or not?

Troubled, Sandra kissed me on the mouth again (her fingers did not contain the caress of the penis) and spoke again:
“Well, sir, what does my naked face look like?” Is the baby good? Come on, now go and get her up while she rubs the linden. I really want to see this…
I felt like I was dying to hear such a pigish urge from a girl’s mother.
A cuddly mother. Naked on the bed, Jasmine caressed her clit without pausing and panted, raising her ass with her eyes fixed on me. The girl was waiting.

I thought I was dreaming. But the smell of the two deodorants said they weren’t dreaming. But I was still paralyzed. Sandra snorted, took me by the hand, and pulled me to the bed where Jasmine was waiting.
Then he scolded me.
-What do you do sir? Do you make a young man eager to wait? Well, it’s not elegant.
Forget about your wife. And he throws himself into the whirlpool of abnormal pleasures.
Two steps next to the beautiful female being on the bed. And quickly I lowered my pants together with my panties, exhibiting under the girl’s nose with a yawn the big penis with which he made his wife happy but also his insatiable neighbor on the ground floor.
His erect, large penis, as if perplexed by the presence of two women, was now dangling from his belly.
With the erect limb relaxed under her eyes, Jasmine no longer had that sullen expression that suddenly became an expression of infinite happiness. The girl sighs.

– Wow… yes… yes… it’s big… I want… I want…

Then – without hesitation and curious – Jasmine grabbed the big, thick brown cock in her hand. Under her mother’s eyes. Touched there by the young girl’s foreign hand, she felt voluptuous waves up to her feet and gasped with pleasure:
Jasmine knew the job because she shamelessly put her cock in her mouth and was already tenderly masturbating her phallus. The girl’s hand on the bed betrayed the experience. I grabbed my bare shoulders and gasped again and again with my eyes on the fragrant naked body.

– Jasmine… Jasmine… Uah… Visez ???…

Beside her, Sandra looked greedily, sighing in the chair next to her. Eyes on her face, which had now begun to suck on his cock. Without stopping the caress she was giving to her swollen clitoris.

– Wow, Jasmine… But you know girl… you like to suck it.

The girl growled approvingly. Sandra, constantly watching her daughter’s activity, then got up and came aroused, she whispered tenderly “let me help you”, then with one hand the woman began to caress her buttocks and with the fingers of the other hand Sandra grabbed the cock that already she was drenched in the girl’s fleshy, greedy mouth.

Taken between the two women caressed by a mouth and four velvety hands, he gasped, trembling with inhuman pleasure. Jasmine was now munching on the dick she’d put two-thirds in her mouth. The big glans was now in the girl’s tonsils.

I could feel the ejaculation coming enormously and shouting:

– Oh oh…
But Sandra, the girl’s mother with the instincts of a mature woman, knew what she needed to do: quickly Sandra squeezed his cock hard at the root with two fingers, and miraculously the feeling of imminent ejaculation passed.

On the bed, the naked girl mumbled his cock, moaning with her eyes closed.
Sandra kissed him wetly with her tongue and whispered.
– Please don’t ejaculate… He needs a dick, a hard dick, he wants an orgasm from his dick, otherwise he dies… And now, babble it…


– don’t think I can resist… feel like it…

Sandra perverted whips.

“Aren’t you going to leave a girl like her in the air?”

Without a word, Jasmine settled on all fours on the narrow bed. Then she looked over his shoulder in prayer. She had hot female eyes.

Tensed by unnatural pleasures, I caress the silky pieces with my palms, and the girl’s back then slips two fingers into the wet split of secretions. Jasmine – for the first time that morning – moaned loudly. Arching his waist. Ready to penetrate.

I grab my dick, play a little with my glans between my face lips, then slowly push it into the girls vulva, which let out a sigh, like a meow.
Then with her hands on her hot hips I begin a meaningless deep intercourse with the girl who could be my daughter.
The feeling of ejaculation had passed, and he had set to work, between those silky pieces.

The room was filled with his growls and her desperate sighs. Mrs. Sandra took me in her arms and kissed me wetly on the mouth, at the same time watching carefully as I fucked her face, and as the cock came in and out slapping her narrow slit. Sandra moaned.

-God, how do you look like this together… How big is it… God what I like to see… Hold on, please, please… so, so, give it, give it, deep, deep… Ohh… How the fuck with a girl? It’s good?? Didn’t you think it was possible?

I couldn’t talk. I was just gasping and nodding seldom. Between the two shameless ones it was hard, very hard not to ejaculate but with clenched teeth.
I continued to pump with my cock the beautiful girl’s slit, trying not to look at the wonderful narrow soles and pink heels that they stunned the wildest on the way to the final ejaculation.

The effort was rewarded.

Jasmine, fucked so deep, suddenly blows air out of her lungs, a kind of “Ahhh….” animal arched his waist and had a shaky orgasm all biting the pillow and squeaking and shaking the bed.

Hit the hot girl a few more times and then desperately  took my penis out of there and grabbed her hand to empty over the girl’s pieces but then she leaned quickly on belly quickly grabbed limb and opened his mouth sticking out his tongue and in despair ended up rushing straight into Sandra’s mouth, who was very pleased to let the men do such a thing.

With her hands in Sandra’s hair, she ejaculates a lot, growling with the most enormous pleasures of his life. Slamming the face of the woman who was happy to receive the man’s fluid in her mouth and cheeks.

Stors fell on the armchair so empty and empty. I had the feeling that the spinal cord had come out of me with the semen.

Jasmina was still moaning on the bed, moaning.

Panting, Sandra wiped her mouth with troubled looks.

“Wow, what a sperm…”

After that the two of them next to the armchair, kissed together the cock that under the two hot mouths was quickly strong and arched and silly.

Now Sandra wanted the dick in her over-excited by her daughter’s sex.

Lay down on the carpet with my penis up and she, driven by the great heat between her legs, came quickly upstairs with her feet on either side of her body, after which Sandra lay idle on her veins and then with sharp fingers of stench in the heat became a bitch: fit her cock head to the wet pussy after which she let herself sigh, now taking it deep in the wet face the hard flesh of the man to the “back”.

Sandra began gasping to dance and jump on her huge penis as Jasmine watched her mother’s copulation greedily with her fingers on the turkey.

Sandra had a quick orgasm, trembling with shivering spasms to the soles… and I emptied myself and gasped in her mature woman’s pussy.

I love Sex with her mother and 19-year-old daughter.

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